Friday, April 10, 2015

Stitches, funky bandages, fainting and more...........

(I started writing at the beginning of the week; bits & pieces added throughout this week - remaining update to follow...)

I am opting mainly for a picture-story update today.

A week ago, I went back to the surgeon to get the remaining stitches out.  This is how they looked prior to the appointment.  I still hadn't seen what was under the paper stitches on my wrist:

I still had stitches between the thumb & index finger; the centre-bottom of the palm, and  the one along my wrist:  

And still loads of ink, making it hard to see!

Since the last visit, I had added a bit of style and colour to my incredibly fashionable splint - who knew they made designer plasters?!

Too fun not to share! Well, if I had to wear a bandage...
.... and colour therapy, right?!

And back to the clinic.........

The one on my wrist under all the 'sticky stuff' (going with that 'technical term', since I got a partial arm wax as it was removed) was pretty cool - the stitches were under the skin, hidden.  There were just two long 'threads' at each end, one was cut then the other pulled everything under the surface out with it (you can just see one in the photo, I had the 'oh can I take a photo?' thought almost too late).

This was pretty cool - the stitches were inside and each end had a 
thread sticking out like the one on the right - she just cut one 
end (then I took the photo) and pulled out the remaining 'tail'  

It looks fine, but considering it was stitched from the inside - and my comparison
is how amazingly fast and neatly the scapula incision (with 18 STAPLES) healed -
 it doesn't look quite as neat as I thought it would - yet.  Lots of aloe vera.

The physician's assistant asked me if I'd had any more "dizzy spells".  "Nope - it's never happened before and it hasn't happened since." .......... until 5 minutes later when she took the stitches out of the incision on my hand and the room  began to swim, I was suddenly drenched in sweat and throwing of layers of clothes around. Well, as much as I am able to 'throw'.  Or undress.  Mostly a scarf and cardigan awkwardly hit the floor.  At least I didn't.  



Stitches out:

If you zoom in, there's still some in there, apparently
they "grow out". Not especially fond of that info.

The one between my thumb and index finger had been seeping (bleeding really) even while stitched.  My physio told me to clean it with soap and water and keep it covered.  The one on my hand also bled - it wasn't totally joined and pulling the stitches out hurt more than any other time I've had stitches removed. Actually, on all previous occasions (4 or 5) I've never felt more than a slight pull.  Maybe that's why my head started swimming........?  Also not something I've experienced before and I'm definitely not a fan of that.  I've had the 'blackness' that I've written about before, usually from pushing through severe pain, but that's an entirely different sensation.  It still wasn't the sorest part of my body though - unfortunately 95% of the time, my right scapular area still wins there.

HOWEVER..... Unfortunately, this week, my left hand, my 'incidental' little injury, my 'minor' surgical procedure; my 'nothing to worry about - let's just get it over with' little old silly 'wrist sprain' with the simple, happens-all-the-time surgery has been making itself felt emphatically.

The day after the stitches were removed, my hand swelled, with hard lumps; felt like it was on fire; the incision sites became more painful; and I found it more difficult to move (as in while pressing hard and painfully with the other hand 'difficult to move' because of hard bumps; not a pathetic 'oh it's a little bit sore I can't do that exercise' hard to move. Just to be clear!

Top: swelling & discoloured hand  (not quite so clear here)

Bottom: All natural, late-night homemade antimicrobial concoction on dressing:
allicin, colloidal silver, tea tree oil and samento

Which worked really well!  The next day, it looked and felt so much better:

Swelling was reduced, not as hard, the redness was gone & the incision at my thumb
looked like it was properly healing after a few days with paper stitches

Panic over; disaster averted!  Or so I thought...........But that's pretty much where I ended this blog, and typing takes ages right now -  and sleep is much needed (although not forthcoming!) so until the next one........