Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sunshine and palm trees

Last weekend we went down to Florida to visit some friends. Sadly, our friend is very ill with cancer but we were pleasantly surprised by how well he is managing, and we enjoyed spending time with them both in the beautiful Florida spring sunshine surrounded by all the tropical plants I love so much.

The weather was fabulous.  It was SO hot and it was funny to think that when we stayed in Florida it wasn't really considered hot until June when the humidity soars.  I guess we adapt quickly.  So 80 degrees in April was great, but it was really really hot - we were all struggling to imagine it could actually get much hotter!  We arrived back into Newark late on Monday night to rain and winds and it has rained for the last two days although today is sunny and it is a very pleasant 68 degrees outside.  Maybe spring is here at last...

I was feeling pretty good when we were in Florida, I'd had two weeks off the Samento since I knew I was going away and it just showed how much better I am.  Sometimes when I'm taking Samento and it produces all the crazy herx symptoms it seems that I still have a really long way to go, but to take a break from it and feel so much better is very reassuring because it really does show that it is the herxing that makes me feel so bad and I really am way better.

So this week I'm back on the strong Samento dose again (along with all the other abx and supplements that I always take) and the herxing is back, although it's not as bad at the moment.  Sometimes it seems to build up over the week that I take it, but I'm hoping that since I had such major reactions the last time this time it will be less.  If that's the case, I'll just have to take an even stronger dose next time, but it would definitely be a sign of some major progress.

Some pics from Florida:

The view from our friends' garden:

Me standing in a Banyan tree at St. Pete's

Banyan trees at St. Pete's

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