Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Catch up: Dementors, resolutions & good wishes for 2017

OK, it's 10 days into January, so I might be pushing it a bit with Happy New Year wishes, but in my defence:

1.   I  ('we' really, but I'm writing) have had the winter cold/bug/virus/ that escaped from Azkaban & has held my family tightly in the icy grasp of a Dementor's kiss for about a month now..... a couple of us were better at conjuring up a Patronus  (aka immune system response) than others & given I already battle multiple Dementors on a daily basis, I couldn't even tell you what form my Patronus assumes (although I'm pretty sure there's no stag or doe 😔). 

I may have been wrongly sorted.
I might need a new notebook if I don't improve.

Or Google might have the answer....

I shouldn't really need to add to that. I think 'Dementor's kiss disease' should be the ultimate excuse; but I do genuinely have other reasons:

2.  Through the brain fog, the darkness, and the Dementors' kisses of horror, I did remember my 'personal resolution' (not so much a new year one, more of a personal aim ) is to blog more again. It can be cathartic, it often serves as a good way to sort of 'talk to myself positively' & search for positive quotes and images which do exactly as they are supposed to, and instill further positivity & motivation. It's a great habit to get into, but it's easy to get sucked out of it  (this metaphor totally works!) when things get tough.... which brings me to my true personal aim: to try to be more honest - both with myself and with other people, regarding my health, and capabilities (or lack of them, it often seems right now). 

Last year was an incredibly tough year, and I did withdraw from the world a bit. Not exactly on purpose, more in a subconscious act of self-preservation; but I'm going to try really hard to move on from that  (or spill it all out of my head, perhaps) and truly hope this year is a better one for my family,  many friends who seem to have had a really shitty year too.... and the world, which seems to have been just as badly affected. I am determined to put 2016 behind me & to hope for good things for the world this year too, as so much uncertainty looms ...

 ... So I have been writing. Honest!!  They're just all 'drafts' right now that need to be finished & edited before I can hit that orange 'Publish' button! So this post explains why my next few are going slightly backwards in time first - then I'll get on to that whole 'new year, new motivation' thing...

Not sure where my 'Dementor's cold' came from,
but this may evolve into a massive 'Lyme metaphor' - it's perfectly fitting.
I just need to
Expecto Patronus enough to find that borrelia-immune Bambi.

(Maybe it will work against political leaders too.... or free up the Dementors to get them...hmm.
I think I may need a wand more than nail polish 😉!!) 

3. It's the 10th. That is 2.74% of the year (really, I just checked). I've been asleep for AT LEAST 50% of that time, maybe more (honesty!) 1% of the year hardly counts . ... SO....

 Happy New Year!

Paintings, my own (c)gfm

Or as it was yelled in our house,
 "F*€k off 2016... may 2017 be much better!"

(Actually wasn't me yelling,  I just thought it too!)

Lets's start with an old favourite:

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, 
it's about learning to dance in the rain."
~ Vivian Greene ~

And one that is perfectly fitting in every way:


  1. Hear Hear! It's good to see a blog post from you. I enjoy the apt quotes and sage wisdom you impart. Love your polish color too. It's fun and bright so we'll see what kind of patronus this evokes! I agree no stag or doe. Maybe more along the lines of a pot of chicken soup? Not overly exciting but perhaps it will bring a return to better health along with hope itself, happiness, and desire to survive and thrive (apologies to RL).

    1. Thank you, H, for your lovely words of encouragement, as always. Wishing you better health in 2017 too & hoping it is a good year for you.