Saturday, May 5, 2018

MAY is Lyme Disease awareness month

Lyme disease awareness

This year is proving to be a tough one. Treatment is working, but energy levels (& computer tolerance levels... eyes, concentration, headaches) are low.

A few awareness points for 2018...

All around us dangers wait,
Worse than any thriller:
Somewhere hidden in a field
There lurks a cereal killer.
~Simon Andrew

While this is an amusing little play on words about field mice - spotted in a local eatery, south of Edinburgh, of course my mind went to the hidden 'serial killer' - also hiding in fields... and in mice: TICKS! Mice make good hosts for ticks. They offer food, heat, and usually find themselves a cozy home for the winter - ticks are brought into our homes and gardens by pets and other small mammals or birds. 

Always remember to TICK CHECK yourself, kids, and pets when you have been outside - hiking, or simply playing in your own garden.

And while wordplay is fun under artistic licence, it IS important to know the name of the disease:
LYME disease

Names are important: to be taken seriously, it is important that the medical community, and the general community do know the correct term.

Share what you know, you could save someone's life.


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