Thursday, June 23, 2011

I think the universe hates me...

This will be a very brief post as typing is very difficult with one hand.... yesterday I fell downstairs, was holding on to a high banister/ railing that goes along the top of the stairs, slipped and gripped to try to save myself and totally wrenched my shoulder.  When I landed, on my bum 2 stairs down, my arm was stuck in the air and my mum had to lower it for me.  In short I have a suspected torn rotator cuff, an MRI appointment tomorrow, orthopaedic appointment on Monday and am really really hoping it's not going to need surgery.  The pain is very bad and had me squealing and crying with any movement earlier tonight.  The timing is awful - I fly home a week on Sunday, I have lots to do - none of which is getting done at the moment as I really need the use of both arms for most things...And sitting in the car in a small space and going over bumps was dreadful today; the thought of a transatlantic flight is not a pleasant one.  So I am hoping for some sort of miracle and speedy recovery over the next few days otherwise I have no idea what my plan is.

And, of course, Lyme-wise I'm feeling a bit better again, typical! New antibiotics really seem to be helping and I am feeling as if I'm on an upward slope again at the moment.  I really do think the universe hates me.... can't it all just be good for a while?!


  1. Oh Gail, that's rubbish. I'm so sorry you've had another mishap. Why do things like this always happen at the worst possible timing?! I hope the pain improves and everything goes OK with your scans. xxx

  2. Oops! You clumsy thing. Hope it's something that heals quite quickly and you can get on with life.

  3. Thanks guys, I haven't even checked my comments until now... not been the best couple of weeks. I'm just going to write a new post so please forgive for not typing it all twice - am typing left handed! Hope you are both doing well and thanks for the comments. :)