Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fix you

After Mark (markintheparkblogs) commented on one of my previous posts I had a look on his blog.  I am always interested in other people's stories, especially Lyme-related ones, but also ones that refer to other "invisible illnesses".  I think there is a lot of comfort in finding other people who have similar experiences and I especially like reading about people who are winning their own personal battles - nothing like a little motivation and inspiration.

In one of Mark's blog posts he talks about awareness (not of Lyme) and has posted a video of Coldplay's "Fix you" to illustrate his point.  This is a highly emotional song and I had not paid such close attention to the lyrics before, but they rang so true with me in so many ways.  I have heard the song before though and remembered it was used in a particularly emotional (read: me bawling at the TV) dance on So You Think You Can Dance last year.  The video is here:

There is a fuller excerpt from the TV show here but I couldn't seem to find that video to insert.

The lyrics can be seen here:

I think the song and the lyrics really capture the frustration of feeling like you would like to be able to do something but you can't.  Whether it is fixing yourself, or someone else, or knowing that there are people who would like to be able to fix you, the song seems to speak to everyone.

And watching the SYTYCD video just makes me excited for the new season.  I watched the first episode a few days ago....... the auditions are definitely NOT my favourite part of the show but it means the good bit will be here soon.  And while I wait for that I can enjoy some highlights of past seasons on YouTube.

Some of my very favourite performances:

And leaving it on a cheerful note:

Can't wait until I can dance like that again!


  1. Hi Gail,
    Great post, is quite a fitting tune for many.
    Thanks for the comments on the blog, it's a bit all over the place in the same way this illness is. Last year I was convinced it was RA, then thought it could be FmS. Only now have I started to consider Lyme. It's not an informative or helpful blog like yours, more of a rant at the medical world, probably unjustified at times. If I get a diagnosis it may become more useful.
    Social media, especially Twitter has helped enormously, mainly because I have realised just how many conditions have no definitive tests and how many people take years to get a diagnosis. Strangely this comforts me, it means I am not going insane.
    My email is on my profile as I couldn't find yours on here.
    take care,


  2. Thanks for the video - it was perfect!