Friday, March 2, 2012

Back home

I'm never quite sure where "home" refers to anymore but wherever might be considered home geographically, home is definitely where your family is.  And right now, I certainly wouldn't be coping without my wonderful parents.

We made the journey back from Kentucky yesterday with only one quick stop.  At my post-op appointment Dr K gave me a strong anti-nausea drug that just made me sleep in the car.  Even with all the drugs the journey was pretty uncomfortable but pressing on and getting home was definitely the best thing to do.

The post-op appointment was fine.  I looked a complete mess - still feeling awful and in loads of pain - and when I went into the surgery three different people offered me a wheelchair (I must have really looked dreadful!) and when I was shown into the consultation room the physician's assistant said to Dr K, 'what did you do to this poor girl' and he said, 'I did a damn good job on her!' Good to know he was pleased!!

He told me that usually when he does this surgery the trapezius has detached at the scapular spine (the horizontal sticky-out bit near the top of the shoulder blade on the back) and if he gives the muscle a tug with his forceps there is still some resistance where it is still attached on the side of the scapula (medial border) but when he tugged on mine the whole thing was flapping and not attached at all.  He drilled six pairs of holes - five pairs along the border of the scapula and one pair at the scapular spine and stitched the rhomboids and trapezius muscles through these holes.  He also has to make sure the tension on the muscles is right so they heal properly and then work properly with the other side.  This means there is a lot of tension and pulling (ie pain) on all the other muscles that attach to the scapula (18 of them!) that have all been in the wrong place for eight months now.

Today has been a little bit better which is really encouraging as it is definitely an indication things are going to improve relatively quickly.  I think the most difficult thing is going to be doing nothing! I have been told the next four weeks are all about resting and healing.  Instructions actually say no texting, no video games (even with my good arm) and limit my computer use to 10 minutes every hour....  need to stop typing now then! I have to keep my sling on for a month, including sleeping in it.  This is the sling I have:

I've been told I will grow to hate it!! 

I am really appreciative of all my fantastic friends and everyone's messages, texts, emails of support, they have all been really helpful in cheering me up. Today a friend sent me a quote for my blog and it is perfect for maintaining optimism and keeping perspective today:  

"Never to suffer would never to have been blessed"
         ~  Edgar Allan Poe

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