Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One week later...

One full week has now passed since my surgery and I am now on to the instructions they gave me to follow for 3 weeks starting after 7th March.  This basically still involves doing nothing with a couple of added instructions - one shoulder exercise and icing 4 times a day for 20-30 minutes instead of 12 times a day.  The shoulder exercise is a very small shoulder retraction (gently pulling my shoulder blades together) 60 times a day. I have still to wear the sling at all times, including night time.  No texting, video games or other things that require repetitive actions with either hand, nothing with my left (good) hand out in front of me and limit computer use to 10 minutes every hour.  SUGGESTIONS PLEASE....!!! Any ideas what I can do that fit within those guidelines would be welcome!! So far, watching TV and reading are all we've come up with. Usually I'm quite happy to read for hours on end, but I am finding all the meds make me a bit sleepy and I'm reading the same page over and over. And there is only so much TV I can take!! 

It's been a pretty quiet few days.  I am feeling little improvements each day although within each day I am having good spells and bad spells.  The pain is still pretty bad but not unbearable, and I am getting more relief from my painkillers now.  I have been sleeping lots which is good - lots of healing time!  I was told sleeping on a recliner would be more comfortable so we borrowed one with an electronic control from a friend and it has been an absolute life saver.  I can't get in or out of bed (and actually am struggling with normal chairs right now too, it's incredible what muscles we use without realising!) and if I lie down, because of my sling, my arm sticks straight up in the air and all the blood drains from my hand.  So it looks like I am stuck sleeping on the recliner in the living room for a month. Oh well, one week down...

                                      Me, my recliner and my ice-pump machine!

I get my staples out on Friday morning and I can have a shower after that... although I'm not supposed to take the sling off at all so I'm not really sure how that's going to work... Figuring out some way to wash my hair is becoming a priority!

Just to make sure they got the right shoulder!!

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