Monday, March 11, 2013

Sleeping Beauty...

This is how I feel! Well, take away the beauty part right now given I have not showered, washed my hair or been out my PJs for close to a week.  But I do feel like I have been totally out of it for most of March, especially for the past week and suddenly I am waking up and beginning to feel a little more human again.

My poor Mum got a sinus infection, doctor gave her abx, but she just gradually got worse and clearly the abx were not working.  She developed a bad cough and seemed to be getting a chest infection, she did spent a few days in bed, which is very unlike her, she drank hot tea and slept.  She is doing much better now, and today, although still a little bit tired, has managed to have a 'normal' day - shower, grocery shopping, errands etc. and is still standing at the end of the day!

I spend the first few days trying not to get too close, especially when she started coughing (sorry mum!), and dosing up on all my vitamins I could find.  But we are in such close quarters - especially in the car, and it was inevitable... I caught the bug.

So... so far March has pretty much been spent in bed, sleeping as much as possible and trying my hardest not to cough too much as I swear I could have cracked a rib coughing with the intensity of my coughing fits :-(  My throat is killing me, and is swollen along with my glands - I have been unable to swallow anything, even hot tea or cough medicine made me gag, so I've basically survived on ice chips for 5 days. I've lost 6 pounds!! I'm most upset about this.  I bought new clothes and gave all my size zeros away after I put on weight post surgery (I really wasn't very upset to be a size 2... I'm big enough to shop in grown up shops now!).  Today was my first day with 'solid' (if you can call it that!) food: a pretty gooey scrambled egg, so it just slid down! I also managed 2 cups of tea today which is another improvement.

Basically I've just had a really bad cold that has totally floored me, as it did my mum; but add in horrible coughing fits with my shoulder and rib pain, and the residual Lyme symptoms and low energy and I really feel even more exhausted and sore than if I'd been 'normal' with the same thing.

So... not really writing this to complain, just to explain my blogger absence at the moment.  Concentration seems harder than usual and there is nothing to fix this but time... and sleep.

So it's back to being Sleeping Beauty for the moment....

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”
   ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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