Friday, March 20, 2015

Here I go again...........

Wrist Surgery

As I sit and type at 7.30am - for a change, after I have been asleep and not before! I am all ready to leave shortly for the surgery centre - today I am having surgery on my wrist.  I am up early, ready (no makeup, no 'beauty products like perfume/ body cream etc.; no food and nothing to drink) - incredibly sexist comment - this must be what it feels like when a man gets ready. I did sort out my clothes last night - although still have no idea what I'll actually be able to put on afterwards - but I don't even think it took me 5 minutes to get ready. Add a couple more minutes for when I brush my teeth.

The reason I am ready early is because we have snow forecast.  Between 3 and 5 inches have to fall -"starting around the end of the morning rush hour".  At my last appointment with the surgeon, it took us 2 hours to do a usually-40 minute journey because we were driving through an ice storm of freezing rain.  Well, crawling really, long with everyone else.  I don't have to be there until 10 and usually leaving at 9 would give loads of time, but according to the weather-travel man, this is what Rt 202 looks like right now:

And that is the road we are going on.  Actually when I woke up my first thought was
'has it snowed yet?!' and I looked out the window and it hadn't, I felt relieved - we know it's probably not going to be great on the way back later, but I definitely want to get there on time. Now, everything is white outside my window.  I reckon about 1/2" of snow has fallen in 20 minutes.  And believe it or not, I'm just ready to go when everyone else is ready! (I am always forgetting how long things take me just now and constantly running late.)

Anyway.............  A few of my friends have asked me to update them on the wrist surgery, and I am sorry for not writing personal replies to every email - I hope this little update will cover it!

It's really not a big deal (so I'm told).  When I fell and landed with my weight on my left wrist - my 'good' wrist - last November I joked that at least I hadn't made the other side worse.  After calling it a sprain for 4 months while the shooting pains from elbow to fingertips intensified and became more tingly, and constantly achy; and while my ability to do....... pretty much anything involving any strength from either arm........... all but disappeared; my physio and I decided perhaps it would be wise to see an ortho.  

I can also advise - if you have an injury, and you fall, do everything possible to throw yourself on the already injured side.  ONE good side is definitely a necessity (yes, two would be better).

Initially I saw a general ortho, he ordered wrist/ arm/hand/elbow x-rays and MRIs but nothing obvious showed up.  I wish I could say I take comfort in that, but it has unfortunately happened in the past.......... for example when the rhomboids and trapezius detached from my scapula! And a few times over the years with gymnastics injuries - usually broken bones that didn't show up, but became apparent later.  I'd like to think anything major would show up, but I also know not to place all faith in medical imaging.

Back to the wrist........ after more physio, some exercises, strength building etc., it still was not getting better and I was sent off to a hand specialist.  I opted to continue with PT for a while and see if it would continue to improve - there are definitely areas that were painful initially that are improved now; but there are also areas that have been sore the entire time, and movements I can't do with it - especially involving my thumb.  When I saw the surgeon again a couple of weeks ago, we talked about surgery again and he told me what he expects to find inside.

He also said - and my brain keeps telling me -  it's really not a big deal after the other ones  I've had (although I do keep reminding myself it WILL still hurt, since he will be going in through multiple incisions and cutting stuff up - I don't want to wake up in recovery and think......... hold on a minute, this one wasn't going to hurt.... and it does!!  But it certainly shouldn't be as bad as the last one even, never mind the first one - and it should heal much faster).  His plan is to go into my wrist (on the top) arthroscopically and clear out any inflammation or dead bits of tissue that may have accumulated, and - he thinks - probably repair a couple of ligaments that are possibly torn a little, as well as 'releasing' a couple of tendons around my thumb - it seems they are being compressed, causing pain and the tingling sensations.  Somehow they just make a gap a bit bigger......... I'm not exactly sure how, and I'd prefer to learn about that AFTER it's over - works better for me, for the gory bits (which only become gory once I have the surgery scheduled and I will be the one in that OR; up until that point, everything I read is fascinating!).

This week, my lower arm and hand have sporadically been swelling up and producing little bruises.  I do think it's sorer than I really think it is (if that makes sense) because I'm on such strong medication because of my right shoulder, I shouldn't really be able to feel minor pain - but I can most definitely feel this, which is not good.  Even my physio can feel it grinding and clunking and has taken to making his 'puzzled face' this week with the sudden bruising - after 4 months!  And I don't really bruise........  Hopefully the surgeon has it spot on and will just go in, tidy it up, I'll be sore for a couple of weeks and then I should be fine - doing PT and strengthening it, but both surgeon and PT think that this will 'fix' things; I will have minimum, if any, pain after it has been fixed - and it will be/ should be fixed; he doesn't expect me to have any further problems with it as long as the surgery goes as he expects.

I feel that it is just screaming at me: FIX ME! and - let me stress this very carefully - I NEED ONE GOOD SIDE!!

Anyway, hopefully all goes to plan and I will sleep through most of the weekend and feel fine (on that side of my body) pretty quickly.  I do go back for post-op on Tuesday for him to check it and change my bandages and hopefully he will then give the ok to start PT after a week.

So that's a pretty boring blog post, an update, as promised, I suppose.  When I can, I will update again/ be in touch.

Have fun with those limes! ;-)

If I've learned anything, it's this -and I can't wait to get mine back; I am working SO hard on it:

The first wealth is health!

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Good luck with your hand surgery. I'm one of the *shoulder* folks (Jan. 2014) and had carpal tunnel and trigger release/cyst removal this January (all on the right). When my son was a year and a half old, he got Lyme disease from our central WI property. Classic bull's eye rash, and the pediatrician brought in every employee to see it. Hopefully by now, this surgery is all over but the healing and you're back safely home, watching the weather instead of being in it. <3

    Heidi, in verdant near-green MN

  2. Hello
    I have been diagnosed with a detached rhomboid and am considering the possibility of surgery. Can I please get into contact with you? I am thinking of seeing Dr. Kibler in Kentucky.
    I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your blog.


  3. Please email me at

    Thank you