Monday, March 9, 2015

#TakeABiteOutOfLyme 3

#Takeabiteoutoflyme and do the #Lymediseasechallenge - details below!

Today's Lyme fact:

Lyme Disease is known as 'the great imitator' - a name that was associated with syphillus in the 19th Century.  Both diseases are caused by a type of bacteria called a spirochete - shaped like a snake from a snakes-and-ladders board: a head with a 'curly' tail.  This tail allows itself to move from cell-to-cell, using it in a corkscrew-type movement.  The bacterium's ability to do this is what can make it so difficult to diagnose, especially in later stages of the disease when the spirochetes have invaded many different cells in the body, causing multiple symptoms in multiple areas. 

Borrelia bacteria can cause neuroborreliosis when they infect the brain; in some cases this can be extremely serious and cause permanent damage, including, blindness and paralysis; other extremely serious conditions caused by borrelia include different heart conditions - this can cause damage to heart tissue that is so severe heart transplants are required.  Left untreated, Lyme disease can be a fatal disease.

A prominent doctor in the Lyme community is Dr Richard Horowitz who has proposed the name 'Lyme-MSIDS' where 'MSIDS' stands for 'Multi Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome'.
(See slideshow here.)

This name is very apt and many patients feel it should be adopted as it is far more encompassing and reflects more truth about what is generally known as 'Lyme'. Very often, particularly in patients who are seriously ill, there are multiple infections to treat and recognising this does help explain, in some cases, why the person is extremely ill, and why treatment can take so long.  Ticks carry more than 'just' Lyme Disease - they carry some other nasty bugs too.


The #LymeDiseaseChallenge doesn't require a personal invitation, so I nominate everyone reading to take part, or to make a donation to ILADS.

The challenge is easy - 

1.Take a bite out of a lime & share the photo on your own facebook page or other social media outlets  - if there's no photo, it didn't happen! The funnier, the better; you may want to take a series of photos for a mini collage! Please remember to hashtag #takeabiteoutoflyme 

2.Share a fact - help spread information about Lyme Disease
(For some facts, see: )

3.Pass it on!  Nominate 3 friends to #takeabiteoutoflyme and support Lyme Disease Awareness

Please consider making a donation to ILADS, and international charity voted for by Lyme sufferers to benefit from this awareness campaign.  Find out more here:

You can also share, reblog, retweet, or just join in if you feel like it - 

It's an open invitation!

Please help us beat Lyme Disease! 

(I'm posting my photos frame by frame so I can nominate more people and add another fact each day - so watch this space........!)

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

 Mahatma Gandhi ~

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