Friday, July 1, 2016

July: Positive Affirmations

Today (July 1st), Facebook popped up with a 'memory' of this blogpost: 'Don't look back' - written exactly 4 years ago.

As always, it seems, Facebook has a knack for 'remembering' - & reminding me of - the passage of time with not entirely loved memories. It's hard to believe I wrote this post FOUR years ago; and that I fell FIVE years ago last week (yup, facebook reminded me of that too.....)

 I often think we are so very lucky we cannot see what lies ahead. I was so concerned with my 'lack of progress' in just 3 months; I wonder what that 'past me' would have thought if I had know what the following years would bring? Such an ongoing challenge.... bigger than I could ever have imagined: more surgery, the intense treatments, investigations,  ongoing severe pain, a resurgence of Lyme symptoms - on more than one occasion - the evil bacteria taking advantage of my weakened body.  And on top of 'just' the health issues, an array of other challenges, all indirectly caused because of this damn shoulder....

However, I shared that post again today,  because the message is as true and relevant now as it ever was. Perhaps even moreso in some ways..... 

"Don't look back, you are not going that way."  

It has been a tough journey, and that continues to be the case; often feeling tougher as more time passes. But the world IS still spinning, one day still follows the next, and although it is slower than I ever thought possible, I am still putting one foot in front of the other, and moving forward  (with maybe a few sidesteps included at times..... perhaps more than a few. .... and maybe add some cha-cha in there too!). However, it is most definitely a reminder of a very important life lesson - we have to keep going; to keep moving forward in order to make progress, however slow, and frustrating, it may be.

It's also a reminder I *really* should stop neglecting my blog! So, as I declared on Facebook today,  I am aiming to fill my blog with 'life lessons' posts for July, with a focus on positive philosophies. I certainly could do with searching for positivity just now and reminding myself I CAN DO THIS!!

So I'm going to kickoff my month of positivity by sharing this awesome music video by Rico Franchi, someone I am proud to call a friend because of LYME DISEASE - while I would never have chosen to have Lyme, I have met some amazing people because of it and I am truly grateful we all have each other -boosting each other up; helping each other out; understanding each other, because of (such an awful!) shared experience; and most importantly, working together toards the same goals: awareness, improved treatment, and ultimately: a cure.

Rico's positive affirmation, and the title of his single is

"I'm getting better every day"

It's available on iTunes and 50% of sales will go to Caudwell Lyme, a UK-based Lyme charity.
See Rico's details HERE on the Lyme Disease UK website and BUY his single, the first release from his album Auditory Dreams (fab name, right?!) for just 79p HERE - remember 50% of that goes to support a UK Lyme charity!

Way to start the month with some positivity - an optimistic, motivational song AND a charitable donation! Build that positive karma!

And remember......

"The journey of a thousand miles 
begins with a single step."
- Lao Tzu -

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