Monday, July 11, 2016

Positivity in honesty

My goal is positivity, but sometimes one of the best ways to be positive is to be completely honest with yourself and admit there are some days that just can't be dressed up with scented oils and rose petals; or concealer, hotpink lipstick, and sunglasses. There is pain that is untouchable and cannot be moved by any type of painkillers, pain creams, TENS units, pain patches, hot baths with muscle soaks, or even the slightly weird binaural beats that are actually helpful sometimes (and I've read the brain imaging science behind them.... I'm just not 100% sure YouTube and peer reviewed cognitive neuroscience journals have the same standards when it comes to binaural beats.  Although to be honest, if all they do is provide a kind of white noise-neuro-TENS-unit kind of thing, I don't really care.  In that moment.)

Sometimes you just have to wave the white flag, admit any attempt to function today is entirely futile and snuggle up with a dimmed computer screen and Netflix at a volume only dogs should be able to hear. 

The most important thing about these days -  which can be hard when you have been battling an illness for so long..... and especially hard because they often come in clusters.... or clusters of clusters!   For me, that's eleven and a half years of battle.  I've had higher points and I've had lower points - I'm really hoping for an upard climb soon (karma..... that would be really nice please!); but for some people it may be a few months, for others it may be lifelong - we all fight our own battles, and we will never truly understand someone else's battle.  Regardless of that, it's really important to remind yourself of this:

Because, let's be honest, you don't need to have a chronic illness or injury, or to be recovering from a surgery, or to have the flu to declare DUVET DAY. Sometimes we all just need a recharge, for whatever reason.  Personally, I think calling a duvet day after watching the news is a perfectly legitimate reason right now!!

Learn from yesterday,
Live for today,
Hope for tomorrow.
 - Einstein - 

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