Sunday, April 14, 2013

Look out world...

I think several years ago I would have interpreted this entirely differently - and so would we all; we are all shaped by our own experiences.

But now: I have no idea who I "ought to be" - and I'm ok with that, I think it's back to life being a journey kind-of-thinking.  At one point, in what seems like another lifetime, I would have thought that by the time I was in my thirties there were many things I "ought to be" but now I have learned that different things are the important things.

I'm not "what I want to be" ... or maybe I'm actually ok with this too, honestly, I have no idea what I want to be... Why do I have to be anything?  Why can't I simply be?  Cogito ergo sum? Right?

But I certainly have come a long way from "who I used to be".  I genuinely believe how people handle their problems defines them.  Our problems do not define us unless we let them; we choose how we handle them - and that is what defines us.

And, most importantly, I'm definitely not giving up on "becoming what I know I can be"... Just give me a little bit more time and then look out world, I'll be back!

I feel this fits with this today too:

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