Friday, April 12, 2013

Serious chocoholic

This week I am suffering from a serious chocolate addiction.  This week I discovered The Christmas Tree Shop is selling Lindt chocolate Santas for 49 cents.  It's dangerous.

However, I do keep telling my Doctor as long as the chocolate makes me feel happier than the painkillers it's all ok.... right?!


  1. Ha! That is fantastic. My doc wants me off of sugar/gluten, but I think he'd make an exception for chocolate and all of its healing powers :)

  2. I once made my own dark chocolate with raw organic caco powder, organic butter and organic cream - (but then I added a little bit of rum...!) it was actually really nice, the cream and butter do give it the creamier texture of most chocolate, but with no added sugar. It tastes so much better than the 90% dark chocolate bars. I really should make my own again soon, it would be so much better for me!!

  3. I eat way too much chocolate! I usually keep it raw and always organic....but STILLLLL. addiction. lol

    1. Raw & organic? Totally good for you! Isn't that actually a superfood?! :)

      I've found paleo raw chocolate peppermint patties (with coconut, cacao butter, mint & cacao powder recently - they're amazing! Definitely going to try making them.... one day...)