Monday, April 15, 2013

The funny side

Today we went out for a few hours. I felt a bit like I'd slept yet another week away (in between my adventures with hair dye... a story for another day!  It's ok, it has a happy ending!)  We had booked dinner at my favourite restaurant, Seasons 52, which has booths and always accommodates my request for a booth so there is space for my pillow!  (I also signed up for a restaurant points system a while ago; booked today because they had 1000 point tables.  2000 points gets you a $20 dining voucher  - if you don't already know about OpenTable - check it out.  Does anyone know if they have a UK version?)

We wandered around the mall for an hour or so before, and after, dinner, just browsing. Really just a change of scenery, little day out.

  On the way home in the car, my TENS machine wires seemed to have moved, and something was painfully pressing into my shoulder blade.  I didn't have the machine on, but I think the electrode connection bit, which is metal had got trapped between a particularly sensitive part of my scapula and the elastic of my (strapless) bra (no shoulder straps = way more comfortable for a sore shoulder… usually).  

Usually, I put the electrodes on before I get dressed, so trying to get them off my back, in the car, with a seatbelt on and a bra, tank top and sweater on top of them was not easy.  I was beginning to sweat with the pain and get that sparkly-dizzy- almost-panicky feeling that comes with the pain increase - I just needed to get rid of the metal bump and I couldn't find it. 

I asked mum to pull over when there was a space off the road.  It seemed like a much longer road than usual…. By the time she had reached a little car park, my seatbelt was off, I had managed to shimmy the strapless bra down to my ankles, and to remove two electrode pads and stick them to the window… having nowhere else to put them.  After she parked I managed to get the other electrodes off, unplug all the wires from the electrode pads and remove the bra from around my ankles.  All without exposing any skin or getting arrested, so all things considered, I suppose that was a success!   

Just another day... might as well see the funny side!

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