Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: Another chapter......

Last January I decided to come up with something positive to focus on and to write a blog post a day to get me through the month.  Let's face it (for those of us in the Northern hemisphere anyway), January is a pretty bleak time of year.  The days are short and dark, the weather is pretty dismal (especially in Scotland) and all the build-up and excitement of Xmas and New Year dissipates instantly.  

For me, this January marks 9 years since I first got ill with Lyme disease, and although I have made massive strides regarding Lyme, I still have symptoms, and no answers - because nobody knows the answers.  This January also marks 2 years since I was diagnosed with detached scapular muscles, and while that story certainly has many other facets and milestones (bad and good - plenty to talk about!), I think it's the whole new year-same old story that makes it seem more significant - probably combined with the fact that I was quite convinced, this time two years ago, I would be in an entirely different place than I am right now, physically and metaphorically.  But ultimately, it is what it is, and life is what you make it, so I am attempting to drum up some positive January energy again this year and focus on some good things - and I do feel a little lucky.... I'm spending most of the month with my parents in Pennsylvania, (currently, excitedly awaiting a snowstorm) and missing the dreich Scottish weather of the moment.

After my new year (stolen) photo, I thought I would go with the theme of life as a story and pick some words, quotes, thoughts or images each day this month; some inspired by the little sayings on my teabags I use (I drink rather a lot of herbal tea - some of my favourite ones have little philosophies on them, so I've been saving them).  It fits perfectly with my love of words, books, reading and writing and I'm hoping it might inspire me to manage a bit more reading and writing this year too. (I'm sure my dad would have some comment about my love of talking to throw in with that....)

So this January for me is going to be about stories and journeys, through words - those magical little sounds we create that make it possible for an idea to jump from our mind into some else's....

To start off the first of the month, I'm 'setting the scene' - here is a quote from novelist Dean Koontz which applies perfectly:

And hopefully, I can change my January story into something positive....... we could all do with a little positivity in January and start off the year with a happy journey!

So, to everyone, cheers for the new year, blank pages, another chapter; and here's to achieving "metanoiaand having a wonderful 2014!

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