Friday, January 10, 2014

I wish I could hibernate

I was really struggling for something to write about tonight since I woke up, ate, and fell back asleep again. Again.  In fact, again again again.  Really not feeling very inspired today - just sore and sleepy. Then I came across this, and I think it just says it all.

 I even got this PJ top for xmas... and I had it on today :-)

Unfortunately, unlike polar bears, I keep getting hungry and waking up to eat. Wouldn't it be great if all that over-indulging over the holidays really could keep us going until April?! Proper appealing..... I am definitely one of those humans!

And like the polar bear:

Although why I have suddenly become almost entirely nocturnal in a week, I have no idea.  At least I was usually awake for (half) the afternoon and evening before I developed some sort of seasonal, pain-related narcolepsy.  I wish it would hit me at an appropriate time - i.e. bedtime! Maybe it's just my body telling me I need to sleep for a reason.... I think that seems to be my lesson of the week.  Night night!

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