Thursday, January 23, 2014

Night night

I keep falling down the rabbit hole that is otherwise known as Pinterest....

I was searching for a little bit of inspiration, something funny, motivational - simple and quick because I've missed a few days posting due to increased pain (The Walk had some after effects, combined with a couple of other factors, my pain has been pretty bad). And I really have so many thoughts all interlinked that it seemed writing them down and separating them would be better left for another day.  So, determined to get to sleep earlier (failed) and to post something - I'm not doing too well with the attempt to write every day in January - I turned to Pinterest again, searching for something that clicked with me - I wasn't feeling inspired by anything - searching probably took longer than the writing would have.

Then my laptop fell backwards and I attempted to stop it in case it fell off my bed and since my right hand was on it, I tried to stop it with that, realised it's pretty useless and has zero strength, got my finger jammed right in at the hinges without managing to stop it from closing upside down and putting the computer to sleep (it closed THAT tight on my finger - THAT tight, I am amazed it is not PURPLE yet).  Then I found this and it clicked.... the perfect post for right now:

Sometimes, it's really the only option!  Night night from the insomniac.  Tomorrow is another day!

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