Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A different perspective

I am still rather tired so I think this will be short and sweet as well.  My poster/ quote of choice today is by Andy Warhol:

I think it can be applied to everything.  In my very favourite book, Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder, Gaarder uses an analogy to explain to Sophie the difference between children's and adults' perceptions of the world.  He says the world is like the white rabbit pulled out of the magician's hat and the adults are snuggled, safely at the bottom of the hairs where they have become comfortable and familiar. Young children are perched on the tip of the hairs, amazed by this fascinating, captivating new world around them and curious as to how things work, why they happen and so on.  In Gaarder's analogy, as humans get older, they slowly slide down the hairs into the safety of the white rabbit; no longer perched on the edge of their world.  They have learned what they need to do to survive and what happens in their world, and they don't really think too much about anything else.  Gaarder's point is that there is this amazing world - universe! - out there and that we should really feel obliged to explore it; to let it excite us and teach us, and entertain us - there are amazing things in our world - and beyond - that we will never learn, see, or discover if we simply slide down the hair of the white rabbit and never notice when we are pulled from the magician's hat.

On a more personal point, I feel exactly this way today.  Achy muscles, cramping muscles? Never anything exciting.  Definitely a pest, a nuisance, severely painful, irritating and ordinary.......... except that my sore, cramping muscles haven't been able to to that for such a long time that their (so far not entirely successful) venture into working IS something that should thrill me!! Once they stop producing sparkling, black spots, nausea, dizziness, wobbliness, sweating and instant-onset exhaustion from pain; I will be a lot more excited, but right now I feel it is positive.  It makes me feel optimistic that for the first time in almost 19 months when I try to move my arm, it shakes.... ok, yes, it doesn't move, but it's trying.  So I am most definitely finding ordinary things are thrilling!

Wisdom begins in wonder
  ~ Socrates

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