Saturday, February 16, 2013

Life is a brick wall...

My first Feldenkrais appointment was interesting, but I don't really have much to say about it yet.  The practitioner was really lovely and I got a great vibe from her; I am optimistic it could be helpful, and so is she; but it takes a couple of days to really feel how my body will react to the treatment.  I also have some online lessons to listen to for visualisation and then I will see how I feel about moving forward with it.  I did have quite a strong response to today's session - which seemed very gentle at the time, and was not painful at all - but an hour later I was in my bed with a raging headache and fell asleep for a while this afternoon (very unusual for me to sleep during the day). I know that's not unusual with some therapies and have experienced similar with reflexology but then felt much better the following day, so I drank lots of cleansing herbal teas and water and I am keeping an open mind - and planning to do some reading on it and try the online sessions over the weekend and see how things unfold.

But it's the weekend, yay! I don't usually feel that way because it's not really any different from any other day for me; but I feel like this has been a tough week, so I am pleased to have survived it!  This quote/ poster/ analogy I found on Pintrest (surprise surprise) seems to sum up my week... my year.... probably life for everyone:

 (I'm not entirely sure the best way to reference every quote from Pintrest - this one took me to a 'nothing found' Tumblr page; but it's not my quote so whoever came up with it gets all the credit... I just don't know who you are, sorry!)

To be honest, it'd be pretty helpful to have a shovel, or a ladder; or perhaps a wrecking ball some days; and then there's always eye make-up remover, tissues, moisturiser... and a new day.... but it's still a great analogy.

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.
  ~ Henry David Thoreau

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