Saturday, February 9, 2013


Today I feel grumpy. I had a decent amount of sleep, but really it was very broken by pain with every movement, I couldn't get to sleep because the pain was making me uncomfortable and then the more annoyed I get the more elusive sleep becomes.

However, I made it through the day (with a little help from my drugs), read some news, watched some video, obsessed over how much snow might fall in the Philly area - disappointed about this too! Four inches.... ok, so four inches might have caused London Heathrow to shut down a few weeks ago (ridiculous) but four inches here is nothing.  It is not exciting.  If there's a snowday and blizzard watchs only slightly farther north of us, I'd really like some decent snow too!

Managed to play bananagrams after dinner but I do still struggle to sit for long.  Joining in the party now, are my re-connected muscles that have started throwing their own temper tantrams as soon as they get tired. BAM. SPASM. F**K. So, off I went to bed feeling decidedly grumpy, in pain, and struggling to find relief.  

Got myself all sorted into bed, ice machine plugged in, velcro-ed around me, pillows built up around me, computer on knee, tea in left hand and then something fell off the bed..... please don't let it be important.... please don't let it be important..... I looked and, most definitely out of reach, lay my phone: my all-in-one flashlight, alarm clock, time in the dark etc.  Kind of necessary.

I eased my left side over until I managed to perch the tea on the box on my nightstand; especially there for that reachable purpose (after coffee went everywhere last week - should've thought of it sooner); un-velcro-ed the ice machine; considered trying to reach the phone without getting out of bed, decided that was too dangerous, climbed out of bed, got my phone.......... climbed back into bed (this is exercise in itself), re-velcro-ed the ice machine's shoulder pack around me, fixed my pillows, got my computer back up on my lap, reached for my tea......... and knocked my just-about-to-eat packet of popcorn off the bed. And here we go again....

It's so annoying, just simple simple thing being such a process... well, usually it's just a bit annoying, but today, in the depths of my deepest, darkest grumpiness I was really frustrated.... OK, I wanted to break things.

I went on Pintrest to search for a grumpy quote and - typically -found all sorts of inspirational ones.  I'm not sure if this made me feel better, or annoyed that even the universe can't just entertain my grumpiness for a couple of hours!!  Anyway, I did find a few worth sharing... more of the funny or inspirational kind, and they did make me smile....

I have the ingredients for this.... perhaps I should try it....!

Yup, it's all about perspective.  Universe: I feel I deserve a few more good ones than bad ones for a while please?

I have also seen this a few times on Buzzfeed - the title is "19 People Who Are Having a Way Worse Day Than You" and to be honest, I don't think it really applies to everyone (unfortunately I'm quite a good contender for that just now) but I simplye adore number five.  As wrong as it is, I can watch this clip over and over and over and over and over and laugh more each time.  Having hit a couple of bad springboards in my life, I do have sympathy for the guy too, but I've never seen it done like that before!!  Actually, here it is on YouTube:

I dare you not to laugh....!

And this little rhyme just made me smile.

Nothing is permanent.
   ~ Buddah

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